Tournament Guidelines

I search pinterest for top performing pins in the given category and choose 12 (or so) pins for that search. Each category completes 3 preliminary rounds, generally there are 4 pins per round, dinner foods there are only 2 or 3 because that’s too much food to cook (and eat) at once. The winner from the preliminary rounds continues to the final round and the winner in that round is crowned best of that category.

My family are the main taste testers (sometimes willingly, sometimes not so willingly).  I also have fantastic neighbors who receive samples of each recipe with a ranking sheet to help them determine their favorites.  The votes are tallied and the winner is determined by a majority vote. 

I don’t include the original recipes on the site out of respect for the original recipe creators. I know they worked hard to share those recipes so I want to give them the credit they deserve. 

It’s very exciting when readers participate in the tournaments as well.  Try some of the recipes and share your favorites.

The recipes are presented in seasons because there are just too many to try them all at once.  Every six months I revisit the categories that have already been in competition, adding some new categories and skipping some old ones.