Best Rice Crispy Treats Season 1 Round 3

Best Rice Crispy Treats Season 1, Round 3

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Have you purchased store bought rice crispy treats?  What does your family prefer? One reason these treats are so popular is because the texture is a great combo.  The crispiness of the cereal, and the chewiness of the marshmallows.  The sweetness of the mallows paired with the toasted flavor of the rice.  It’s a winning combo!

These 4 creators test even more ratios of marshmallow and cereal.

Review the guidelines for every tournament.

Round 3 Players

Cookies and Cups created the Perfect Rice Krispie Treat Recipe which was marked by green this round.

Midwestern Moms created the BEST Rice Krispie Treat Recipes EVER! which was marked by red.

Brown Eyed Baker created The BEST Rice Krispie Treats which was marked by the color blue.

Spend With Pennies created Extra Chewy Rice  Krispie Treats which was marked by the color yellow.

Player Reviews

Cookies and Cups called for quite a few more marshmallows than cereal.  The recipe also called for salt.  I loved how salt helps temper the sweetness of the treat.  Not all the marshmallows are melted in this recipe.  This recipe makes a 9×9 pan, but doubling the recipe would be enough for a 9×13.

Midwestern Moms called for milk.  I didn’t notice the milk in the final product.  I used whole milk, but the recipe didn’t specify. This recipe was also the lowest amount of butter for any recipe.  Vanilla was included in this recipe.  I like adding vanilla, but found I couldn’t really tell what recipes contained vanilla in the final product.

Brown Eyed Baker was a very large recipe.  It was made for a 9×13 recipe, it filled the entire pan.  Vanilla and salt were additional ingredients.  Some marshmallows were reserved and added at the end.  

Spend with Pennies had a smaller amount of butter than most recipes, and equal parts cereal and marshmallows.  The recipe is made in the microwave.  Other recipes could be made in the microwave, but this one specifies microwave.  Vanilla is also added in this recipe.  It recommends putting the recipe in a 9×13 pan, it’s a thinner treat, but this works great for using cookie cutters.

Tips and Tricks

Silicone spatulas are really helpful in stirring the marshmallow and cereal together.  Make sure they are stiff all the way through the tip, and I like a firm scraping side as well.

The pyrex measuring cup is really helpful for measuring the cereal and marshmallows.  I have the 4-cup size, but I’ve got the 8-cup size on my wish list.

Big glass bowls for melting the marshmallow in the microwave are my preference.  I prefer glass to plastic for the microwave because the glass won’t melt, and plastic can hold onto flavors.

A couple of the recipes call for lining the 9×9 or 9×13 pan with foil.  I just use non-stick spray and haven’t ever had a problem getting the treats out.  The foil does make clean-up easier.  I also use non-stick spray on my hands to press the treats into the pan to keep my hands free from the sticky.

Rice Crispy Winner

rice crispy stacked

Cookies and Cups won this round with the dash of salt and partially melted marshmallows.  The salt balanced the sweetness perfectly.  For those who prefer completely melted mallows, you can! I made each recipe as directed, but completely melted is our preference.  Taste testers preferred the green rice crispy treats this round.

Look back at round 1 and 2.  See how this winner fares in the final round.

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