Best Rice Crispy Treats Season 1 Round 2

Best Rice Crispy Treats Season 1, Round 2

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Rice Crispy treats are one of the most versatile desserts, and just about everyone loves them.  Rice Crispy treats can be dressed up with sprinkles, add-ins like chocolate chips, and new flavors like peanut butter.  I omitted any extras just to compare the basic marshmallow treat.  I love adding in and dressing up these treats to match the season or event.  Cookie cutters can be used to create a variety of shapes, easier when the treats are thinner.

Review the guidelines for every tournament.

Round 2 Lineup

The Kitchn actually had 2 different recipes in this round, green and red.  The green recipe called for sweetened condensed milk.  Toasted cereal and browned butter were new additions for the red rice crispy competitor.

Flour on my Fingers created How to Make the Best Rice Krispie Treats.  This recipe was designated by blue in this round.

Once Upon a Chef, Best Ever Rice Krispie Treats, was marked by yellow.


Recipe Spotlight

Before starting this tournament I would frequently add a few tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk.  This green recipe from Kitchn called for 1/3 to 1/2 c of sweetened condensed milk.  It ended up being very sweet in the final product and extra gooey.  

Better-than-the-Box Rice Krispie treats were the red competitor from the Kitchn.  There were a lot of extra steps in this recipe.  The cereal was toasted.  I used my electric skillet so I had a bigger surface area to toast more of the cereal at a time.  Browned butter was another layer of flavor.  These subtle flavor additions were a bit too subtle in the final product.

Flour on My Fingers called for equal parts marshmallow and cereal.  Vanilla was also added in this recipe.  The rest of the directions were the basic recipe.  The marshmallows were fully melted.  This is the preferred texture by most adult taste testers.

The final contestant by Once Upon a Chef called for much larger ratios, but also filled a 9×13 pan with a tall treat.  This recipe also called for browned butter.  It doesn’t take much more effort to brown the butter.  Extra mallows are added later so not all the mallows are fully melted.  This is the preferred texture by most kid taste testers.

Seasonal Ideas

Like I mentioned at the beginning, rice crispy treats can be adapted for lots of events and seasons.  I found red, white and blue Rice Krispie cereal to make treats with.  This was an easy way to make the treat summery.  

I also love using a silicone treat mold, layering the bottom of the mold with colored candy melts and then pressing the cereal/mallow mixture into the mold.  

I’ve also drizzled melted chocolate over the top of the pressed cereal.  Sprinkles can be added on top of the melted chocolate.  The sprinkles could also be added when the marshmallows are being stirred into the cereal.  I’ve also stirred in chocolate chips when I’m mixing the melted mallows and cereal together.

Round 2 Winner

rice crispy treats

Once Upon a Chef won with the bigger ratios.  There were quite a bit of mallows in the recipe.  The recipe also calls for salt.  This really helped cut the sweetness in the extra marshmallows.  The browned butter also provided an extra layer of flavor.  The recipe mixes together quickly, and is a great option for adding any mix-ins you’re in the mood for.

Check out the recipes in round 1.  Look forward to round 3 and the final round.

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