Best Rice Crispy Treats Season 1 Round 1

Best Rice Crispy Treats Season 1 Round 1

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Simple, classic, quick, and delicious.  It doesn’t get much better than Rice Crispy Treats.  Now, it may not seem like there’s a whole lot of variation for this recipe, but I found quite a few differences in ratios, ingredients, and even techniques.  Check out all the great recipes in the following rounds for the best Rice Crispy Treats.

Check out the guidelines for every tournament.

Round 1 Contestants

The green contestant was The Best Rice Krispie Treat Recipe by Cooking With Karli.

Life in the Lofthouse created the blue contestant, The Best Rice Krispie Treats.

The red contestant was created by Shugary Sweets, Perfect Rice Krispie Treats.

Finally, the yellow contestant, Rice Krispie Treat Recipe by How To Make Cereal Treats.

Recipe Review

The Cooking with Karli recipe called for vanilla.  This was a fairly typical addition in many recipes.  I love vanilla extract, I add a little extra in many of my recipes.  There was a little less butter and a little more cereal compared to other recipes.  The directions also state to withhold some marshmallows from melting, and add them in at the end for a bigger bite of mallow.

Life in the Lofthouse had an addition of salt, this really helps counter all the sweet from the marshmallow.  The cereal is a little less than other recipes.  Extra mallows are kept from being melted in this recipe as well. The directions also call for a 9×9 pan, this makes for deeper squares.  Double the recipe if you want to use a 9×13.  

Shugary Sweets had a much higher mallow to cereal ratio than other recipes.  Again, some marshmallow was reserved to be added after the cereal.  Vanilla was also in this recipe.  Thick squares are a result of this recipe calling for a 9×9 pan.

How to Make Cereal Treats mentioned that they tried a bunch of different recipes before deciding on this ratio.  It was a unique ratio, and called for specific European style butter.  European butter has a greater fat content, more fat, more flavor.  It’s totally worth the extra couple of bucks.  Occasionally I’ve found the European  butter on sale at my local grocery store.

Tools and Tips

Most of these recipes called for melting the butter and marshmallow in a heavy duty pot.  I like to use this non-stick pan because it is easy to clean and it heats evenly on the bottom.

I love recipes that can also be microwaved.  Nothing gets much faster than a microwaveable treat.  Of course, a large glass bowl is the best way to microwave these treats.  Metal is obviously out, and plastic can warp.  This is my favorite set of glass mixing bowls.  

You’ll also need some measuring cups and a great stirring spoon.  You can use a wooden spoon or spatula, but I just like to use my great-grandma’s silver tablespoon.  It is my good luck charm when I am making treats.

My trick for putting the sticky treats in the pan is to use non-stick spray on your hands.  This makes the process so much easier.

Moving on to the next round

rice crispy treats

How to Make Cereal Treats recipe won this round.  The extra marshmallow, all melted was the winning combo.  Many of the adult taste testers didn’t enjoy the unmelted marshmallow, but the kids enjoyed the unmelted bits.  

Check back in round 2 and 3 for more ratio and some interesting techniques. 

Do you get crazy with your rice crispy treats?  What fun add-ins do you use?  

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