Best Rice Crispy Treats Season 1 Final Round

Best Rice Crispy Treats Season 1 Final Round

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All good things must come to an end.  This tournament has been a huge hit for the kiddos in the neighborhood (and my own).  The adults were surprised how much they enjoyed taste testing the different rice crispy treat recipes.  I was surprised how different each one tasted.  There weren’t necessarily big differences, but the subtle differences made a big impact.  Here’s the final round for best rice crispy treats.

Review the guidelines for every tournament.

Preliminary Winners

Round 1 Winner was How to Make Cereal Treats, Rice Krispie Treat Recipe.

Once Upon a Chef won Round 2 with Best Ever Rice Krispie Treats.

The Round 3 winner was Cookies and Cups with Perfect Rice Krispie Treat Recipe.

Recipe Highlight Reel

In the intro to How to Make Cereal Treats recipe, they state they taste tested 20 different ratios to determine the best rice crispy treats.  They did their homework and it paid off.  The amount of cereal in comparison to the amount of marshmallow was perfect.  European butter is used instead of regular butter, as a result the extra fat helps with flavor.  Don’t the let basic recipe fool you, these are fantastic cereal treats.

Once Upon a Chef adds a few extra steps, browned butter, some vanilla, and a little salt.  These small extras are big on taste.  It’s a good ratio of cereal and marshmallow.  A little heavy on the marshmallow and not all the taste testers loved having unmelted mallows in the treats.  This also makes a lot of treats, a very full 9×13 pan.  Definitely enough to feed a little league team.

Cookies and Cups had a little less butter, and the addition of salt.  There were also unmelted marshmallows in this recipe, easy enough to melt all of them if you prefer.  One note is the recipe calls for kosher salt, this is a bigger crystal, therefore less actual salt.  If you use table salt, reduce the amount by about half.

The Best Rice Crispy Treat Winner Is...

stacked rice crispy treats

How to Make Cereal Treats won over the most judges.  There is just enough cereal and marshmallow to make the treat gooey and soft.  Everyone loved the fully incorporated marshmallows, and the European butter (with extra fat) boosted the flavor.  

These recipes have been really fun to try, and don’t take much time at all to make a few batches.  What recipes did you try? Review all the recipes in round 1, round 2, and round 3. Share your creations on social media with #whopinneditbest.  Learn about upcoming tournaments through the emails.  Follow all the fun @whopinneditbest on facebook, instagram, and pinterest.

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