Best Pancake Recipes Season 1 Round 1
best pancake recipe

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Pancakes are a staple at my house. We have a tradition called “Waffle Wednesday” when we eat breakfast for dinner. This tradition started when my oldest was in his picky toddler stage and I got tired of fighting the dinner battle every night. We compromised on dinner Sunday-Tuesday, and he got a break Wednesday night with pancakes, or waffles, basically any breakfast food. Then Thursday-Saturday we had pizza or he could eat chicken nuggets. Now we have more traditional meals most nights, but Waffle Wednesday has stuck. Because pancakes are so important around here, I need the best pancake recipe. And pancakes are kinda what started this whole journey.

I’ve come to realize there are basically two camps in discerning the best pancake, those who love a soft, sweet, cake-like pancake, and those who prefer the flapjack style, biscuit-like with crispy edges, and the sweet flavor comes from the toppings.

This makes it a little harder to determine a winner for each round, but with enough taste testers, a winner was determined. In order to have a winner, there must be contenders.

Let the games begin!

Season 1, Round 1 Contenders for Best Pancake Recipes are (in no particular order):

The Best Pancakes I’ve Ever Made by The Food Charlatan. This recipe was known to taste testers as “Yellow/Orange”

Best Buttermilk Pancakes Ever by Bunnys Warm Oven. Known as Red by those who ate them.

Classic Buttermilk Pancakes by The Baker Mama. In the Blue Corner this round.

And rounding out this round (more like a square with 4 corners), sporting the green toothpick was Grandma’s Fluffy Pancakes by Happy Being Healthy.

The Process

Just to cover all the basics, a quick review of necessary equipment:

I use an  Electric Griddlealways have, probably always will. I’m just not talented enough to get the right heat on my range top. I love plugging in my griddle and setting the temp and knowing it’s in a good range. This is the one I love, but I’m sure there are other great ones out there, and they are on sale frequently!

A pancake flipper (aka spatula). A good pancake flipper can be hard to find, never realized this until I needed a new one. Look for one that is firm from the handle to the end, if it’s floppy you risk losing the pancake mid-flip and that just makes a mess! 

Non-stick spray, any brand, enough said.

Measuring cups (a given)

Good mixing bowls. I prefer stainless steel, they are easy to clean and don’t retain oils or flavors, but I also have plastic that get rotated through.

A good wire whisk. This is my favorite one because all the wires are individually attached so it doesn’t get bent out of shape, I actually have the same brand in a regular and small size.

Pancake Recipe Review

As any good baker I read through each recipe before beginning so I knew I needed to rush to the store at 6 am to get buttermilk for a few of these recipes (whoops). After getting the buttermilk I began making each recipe, allowing those that called for rest the allotted resting time. When all batters had been mixed I placed the bowls in sequence on the counter to help me remember which pancake came from what recipe.

The Food Charlatan recipe was easy to follow, no crazy ingredients, and mixed up quickly.

Bunny’s Warm Oven recipe required resting time, a little thicker batter which was harder to smooth out, but nothing crazy in the ingredients list.

The Baker Mama was a classic recipe, similar to any other recipe I have used in the past. Slightly different ingredients than the previous two, but still nothing I don’t have regularly in my pantry.

Happy Being Healthy’s recipe was simple with regular ingredients, but a thick batter which again is just a little harder to scoop onto the griddle.

Each tester tried at least a half a pancake from each recipe, making notes regarding flavor, texture, and appearance. The same syrup was used on each pancake so that didn’t play into the final choice. I also used the same brands of ingredients to minimize the effect on the final product.

Check out each of the recipes shared and make them yourself, maybe not all in one day. That’s a lot of pancakes. At least they freeze well! Now I just need a bigger freezer…

Which one won at your house? Share your pictures with #whopinneditbest

The winner for Season 1, Round 1 of the Best Pancake Recipes at our house is Yellow/Orange by The Food Charlatan!

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