Best Pancake Recipes Season 1, Round 3

Best Pancake Recipes Season 1, Round 3

Round 3 of any tournament means the stakes get a little higher, and the favorites are starting to jump ahead of the other contenders.  The same holds true for this round of the Best Pancake Recipes.

Review the guidelines for all tournaments.

Without further's hopefuls are:

Classic Buttermilk Pancakes by The Baker Mama in red.

Perfect Fluffy Pancake Recipe by Art and the Kitchen in blue.

Best Ever Homemade Pancakes Recipe by Grace and Good Eats in green.

Best Pancakes Ever by Coleen’s Recipes in yellow


pancakes season 1 round 3

Recipe Review

The recipe from The Baker Mama was straightforward, simple, and called for buttermilk as the title suggests.  One note, the recipe calls for kosher salt, either reduce the amount of table salt, or use the recommended kosher salt.  1/2 tsp kosher is not the same as 1/2 tsp table salt!  If you try to sub the same amount your pancake may be inedible.

Perfect fluffy pancakes by Art and the Kitchen are indeed fluffy, but very thick, and a little hard to scoop onto the griddle.  Don’t skip the addition of vanilla, it’s a little sweet kick because the recipe does not call for a lot of sugar.

Grace and Good Eats recipe calls for all the basics you have in your fridge, well, I have in my fridge.  We drink exclusively whole milk, so this is always on hand.  I’m sure you could use 2%, but the thicker the milk, the better the results, just keep that in mind.

Coleen’s recipes for best pancakes required 10 minutes of resting.  The batter is very thick and requires the resting for the baking powder to activate and make it scoop-able.  Avoid stirring the batter after it has been sitting, that will deflate all the hard work the baking powder has been doing during those 10 minutes of resting.


Pancake Tips and Tricks

In Round 1 and 2 I mentioned some tools of the trade I love when I cook pancakes (and lots of other things).  This round I thought I would share some tips for cooking the best pancakes.

When measuring flour either spoon it into the cup or “fluff” the flour before scooping into the measuring cup.  This will help prevent getting too much flour and you can end up with a heavy, dry batter.

Measure the other dry ingredients level, but I always add a little less salt than the recipe calls for.

I will occasionally add some vanilla and reduce the sugar by a little.  The vanilla adds a little more flavor and a hint of sweetness so you can reduce the sugar if you add vanilla.

Allow the pancake to sit on the hot griddle for about 2-3 minutes until the edges start to look dry and the bubbles on the top are starting to burst.

Flip the pancakes with a quick rotation from your wrist to avoid the pancake smearing.

Any other questions you have about pancakes? Let me know in the comments.

Heading to the Big Dance is...

winner of best pancakes season 1 round 3

The judges voted and Grace and Good Eats Best Ever Homemade Pancakes Recipe won round 3.

Check out the other winners from Round 1, and 2.  Find out what recipe won best of the best in the finale round.

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