Best Pancake Recipe Season 1, Round 2

Best Pancake Recipes, Season 1, Round 2

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It’s a good thing my family LOVES pancakes because here’s another round of contenders putting their best foot (batter) forward to move on to the finale round of Best Pancake Recipes.

Round 1 had a home run winner.  Let’s introduce the lineup in this round.

Review the guidelines for every tournament.

Batters Up!

The Best Pancake Recipe by The Wholesome Dish designated by the blue toothpick

Fluffy Pancake Recipe by Lil’ Luna marked with the yellow toothpick

Simple homemade Pancake Recipe by Somewhat Simple topped with the red toothpick

Good Old Fashioned Pancakes by Dakota Kelly, posted on All Recipes wearing a green toothpick

Recipe Review

pancake frying up round 2

As I mentioned in round 1, people either like cake-like pancakes or biscuit-like pancakes.  This round seemed to be 2 of each.  The Wholesome Dish recipe and Good Old Fashioned Pancakes were more biscuit-like.  The Somewhat Simple and Lil’ Luna recipes were more cake-like.  

My husband compared the recipe from The Wholesome Dish to the pancakes you get at the Hilton hotels.  I liked this recipe, a different ingredient than I have added to other pancakes, but easy to mix up and very tasty.

The Somewhat Simple recipe is very sweet.  When I make this recipe again I will cut the sugar by at least half.  My family also prefers butter to oil for the fat, but oil mixes in easier.

The Lil’ Luna pancake was simple, you can use buttermilk or vinegar and milk.  I used buttermilk because I had some on hand.  It was fluffy and the batter was very thick.  The recipe also states to let it rest.  I did, but usually I like to scoop out the batter onto the griddle quickly because my family is starving first thing in the morning, and I don’t wake up before my kiddos.

The Old Fashioned Pancakes struck out around here.  These were easy to mix up.  They didn’t have much flavor, I would add some vanilla, or use buttermilk next time.

Make Life Easier

I have a pretty well-stocked kitchen which makes baking life easier.  Here’s a few pieces I couldn’t live without when baking up a storm.

Pyrex measuring cup.  I use this for all my liquid measurements.  I can melt butter in it and then add my other wet ingredients.

Flour Sifter. Not all recipes call for a sifter, but when they do, this one stores easily and the kids love using it.

The other basic equipment I mentioned in Round 1.

Round 2 Winner Is...

winner for round 2 of best pancake recipes

The Wholesome Dish recipe was voted favorite for round 2.  Not quite the home run from round 1, but at least a double with an RBI. Have you tried any of these recipes? Tell me your favorites in the comments below.  Don’t miss the great recipes from Round 1, Round 3, and you have to find out the absolute best pancake recipe in the Finale post!

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