Best Pancake Recipes Season 1 Finale

Best of the Best Pancake Recipes Season 1

Stacks upon stacks of pancakes have been consumed.  Gallons of syrup have been drizzled and poured over crispy, golden circles of morning glory.  Some batters hit it out of the park, others completely struck out.

We invited a few friends over for Waffle Wednesday to help us determine the best of the best pancake recipes in this finale round of Best Pancake Recipes, season 1.

Review the guidelines for every tournament.

A quick review

best pancake recipe finale

Round 1 winner from The Food Charlatan was a home run.  Everyone loved it, and it was easy to mix up.  The recipe recommends separating and just lightly whisking the egg whites, do it.  Not much of an extra step, but makes a difference in the final product. The final pancake browned perfectly, was fluffy but not chewy, and held the syrup without getting soggy.

Round 2 winner from The Wholesome Dish was compared to hotel pancakes.  Simple, sweet, and very fluffy.  I think the sour cream in this recipe is the reason for the fluffiness.  There isn’t any other fats in this recipe, so don’t skip the sour cream.

Round 3 winner from Grace and Good Eats calls for vanilla, this allows for a little less sugar because the vanilla gives a kick of sweet.  No buttermilk in this recipe, so it’s easy enough to whip up on any old morning without making a trip to the grocery store first.  The final result was fluffy, easy to scoop, and rather cake like.  It was a great contender against the other two finalists.

What you need to know for the Best Pancakes

  • Pancakes are quick and simple to whisk together.  That’s the best word for combining pancake batter, whisk.  A whisk encorporates air, and as long as you aren’t Mr. Universe, hand whisking shouldn’t overmix the batter.  When I first made pancakes on my own, I mixed the batter until there were no more lumps.  The pancakes were more like frisbees, rubbery and flat.  Every recipe for pancakes says, “Don’t overmix the batter.”  It’s normal and desirable to have some flour lumps in the batter.  
  • Mix the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients separately.  This makes sure the rising agent (baking powder, or baking soda) is equally distributed throughout the flour.  It’s also a better way to make sure the egg is fully incorporated without overmixing the flour.
  • Before testing these recipes I would actually separate my eggs and whip my egg whites until they were firm then fold into the batter after the wet and dry were mixed together.  When I experiment with these recipes again I will be using that technique.  A couple of egg whites whip up really quickly with a hand-held mixer and a small metal mixing bowl.
  • A little salt goes a long way, but it is missed when it isn’t there.  Some of the pancake recipes we tasted were missing flavor, when I reviewed the recipes I realized those recipes didn’t call for salt, or not enough salt.
Review the equipment tips in round 1 and 2 and other baking tips in round 3.

Envelope please, drumroll...The winner is

The Best Pancakes I’ve Ever Made by The Food Charlatan.  These pancakes were raved about from round 1.  Every morning I made a new batch of pancakes my family asked if I would make more of this recipe.  You could say it was a grand slam batter.  Even when our friends came over it was almost unanimously the favorite pancake.  The only people who didn’t vote for it are a couple of kids who like more sweet, cake-like pancakes.  

These pancakes are very reminiscent of diner, flapjack style pancakes.  They hold the syrup without getting soggy.  They brown nicely with a crispy edge.  The flavor from the buttermilk compliments the sweetness from the syrup.  

It’s the Best Pancake Recipe, some might call it the Babe Ruth of pancakes!

Review the recipes from round 1, 2, and 3.  Try a few from each round, let me know if your family liked the same ones we did, or different ones.  Do you have a great pancake recipe I need to feature in season 2?  I’d love to try it!  Comment below with other tips or tricks, and what recipes you tried.  Follow on social media so you can taste test with us.  Sign-up for emails so you get access to exclusive recipes, and all the latest pin wins.

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