Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Season 1 Round 2
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Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Season 1 Round 2

Chocolate chip cookies are awesome because they can compliment any meal.  When you go to a potluck dinner, take some chocolate chip cookies.  If you’ve just finished a nice Sunday dinner, enjoy some chocolate chip cookies.  Right after the kids get home from school, their favorite treat is a chocolate chip cookie.  Chocolate chip cookie dough also freezes really well so it’s easy to have fresh baked cookies on hand anytime.  While it may be hard to tell the difference between one recipe and the next, we took our time tasting each cookie to determine what recipe makes the best chocolate chip cookies and should move on to the next round.

Review the guidelines for every tournament.

Round 2 Challengers

Everyday Chocolate Chip Cookies by Baker by Nature with a red toothpick.

Chocolate Chip Cookies by Craving Home Cooked with a blue toothpick.

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies by The Baking Chocolatess with a green toothpick.

Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies by Mandy Jackson with a yellow toothpick.

Recipe Review

best chocolate chip cookies

The Baker by Nature cookies called for 3 different types of chocolate chips.  I only added semi-sweet, carrying over the same rules I used in round 1.  This recipe also called for browned butter.  A bit time consuming, but completed as directed.  I started with this step, moved on to another recipe and came back to finish this recipe.  The browned butter didn’t make much difference according to the taste testers.

Craving Home Cooked cookies also called for melted butter.  Melted butter makes the dough a little more runny, you can chill the dough before cooking or use the tip I mentioned from round 1.  The rest of the recipe was pretty straightforward.

The Baking Chocolatess cookies is a very small batch of cookies, just double the recipe if you want to make more, or make some now and freeze some for later.  Except, I wouldn’t double the chocolate chips called for.  That’s enough chips for a full batch of cookies, you end up with very little cookie and a lot of chocolate.  

Mandy Jackson cookies call for pudding.  I’ve added pudding to cakes, but never cookies.  It was an interesting addition.  Everyone was able to tell there was something different about these cookies.  As you can imagine, they were very soft cookies.  Soft domes also made these cookies stand apart from the others.

Tips and Tricks

I watch a lot of baking shows, it might be an addiction.  One of my favorites is Great British Baking Show.  The new seasons are fantastic, but Mary Berry just can’t be beat.  In the masterclass editions Mary Berry talks about adding eggs to baked goods.  Almost always she will recommend adding the eggs one at a time.  This helps prevent the batter from curdling which will effect the final product.  

So that’s tip #1: add the eggs one at a time and allow each egg to fully incorporate before adding the next.  If you still see some curdling, add about a tablespoon of flour before adding the next egg.

Tip #2: Use quality butter.  I even use european style butter because it has a higher fat content which makes the cookies taste better, and it melts at a higher temperature so the cookie doesn’t spread out as much.  Allow the butter to whip for a little while to really get soft, fluffy results.  I beat my butter in the KitchenAid for a few minutes before I even add the sugar.

Last but not least, tip #3: After adding the flour, just stir the dough until all the flour is incorporated, don’t allow the dough to keep mixing very long or the cookies will be tough.

Who Filled the Cookies in the Cookie Jar?

Season 1 Round 2 Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mandy Jackson’s Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies won best cookies this round.  Something about that super soft, pudding texture won over the taste testers this time.  Check out her recipe and let me know in the comments below how your family liked this recipe.

Make sure you check out round 1 and round 3.  Don’t miss out on the final round of best chocolate chip cookies!

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