Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Season 1 Final Round
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Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Season 1 Final Round

best chocolate chip cookies

Let’s recap…chocolate chip cookies are the best! They can be used for a great dessert with any meal, they can be frozen and cooked at any time, and they just radiate home and comfort.  Did I miss anything? 

I’ve mixed and scooped and happily eaten dozens (dozens of dozens) of chocolate chip cookies to determine the best of the best.  This is the final round, comprising of the 3 winners from the previous rounds, and I threw my own tried and true recipe in the mix to see how it would stack up against the best of the best.

Review the guidelines for every tournament.

The Finalists are...

Round 1 winner was The Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies by Six Sisters Stuff. 

Round 2 winner was Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies by Mandy Jackson.

Round 3 winner was The Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies posted on Recip Recipes.

Just to square it off, and because I was curious, I included the recipe I’ve been using for years to see if it could hold its own.  This recipe is available for my email subscribers.

best chocolate chip cookies

Recipe Recap

The Six Sisters Stuff cookies were chewy and thin.  They had great flavor, and texture.  There is more vanilla than average in the recipe, and it was apparent in the final product.

The Mandy Jackson cookies called for pudding.  This resulted in an extra vanilla flavor as well, and the final product maintained its shape.  Taste testers enjoyed the super soft texture.

Recip Recipes cookies were a clear favorite this round.  These definitely presented a strong case in the final round.

My family has always loved my recipe that I adapted from my father-in-law’s recipe.  My husband’s parents have been working in food for their whole marriage.  They owned a catering company in Las Vegas, then moved to Idaho and opened a bakery and owned a couple of fast food franchises.  This chocolate chip cookie recipe was one my father-in-law created for the bakery they owned. He graciously shared the recipe with me, I scaled it down and slightly adapted it and make it at least once a month by request.  

Taste testers ate each cookie without knowing the associated recipe.  I spread the cookies far and wide amongst neighbors, family, and friends.  With so many fantastic recipes competing, the results were varied.  It’s hard to choose just one favorite because they all taste great.

Tips and Tools

In Round 1 I provided an overview of the equipment that I love and recommend for making cookies.  

Round 2 provided basic tips for getting the perfect result every time.

In Round 3 I shared techniques to achieve a soft-dome, or crispy-thin cookie.

Here’s a little secret from my recipe, I use half butter and half margarine.  The different fats provide a different texture and have different melting points so these cookies can be made into mega-size bakery cookies.  I also bake at a lower temperature for a bit longer so the cookie is the same texture throughout, not crispy on the edges and soft or underdone in the middle.  

Best of the best chocolate chip cookies

best chocolate chip cookies winner

After tallying all the votes from a wide range of testers, my tried and true chocolate chip cookies were the favorite! I must maintain, it was a close race, every cookie received at least several votes, but the majority of votes were for the cookies I’ve been making for years.  This result surprised me.  I thought the round 3 winners would take the prize for the season.  I can’t wait to try more recipes and compare season winners against each other.

What recipe was the favorite in your home?  What bakery has your favorite chocolate chip cookie? Share your pictures on social media with #whopinneditbest.  Subscribe to my email list to get the recipe for my tried and true chocolate chip cookie recipe and other exclusive recipes.  

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