Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Season 1 Round 1

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes Season 1, Round 1

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best chocolate chip cookie recipe

No collection would be complete without a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Chocolate chip cookies just scream home, comfort, love. It’s my family’s go-to favorite.  I love trying new recipes and enjoy being a bit adventurous (souffle, cheesecake, brioche), but when I ask my family what they would like for dinner, chocolate chip cookies wins every time.  Which chocolate chip cookie recipe will be best?  What kind of cookie do you prefer? Chewy or crunchy? Loaded with chocolate or just a few chips? Buttery and firm or domed and soft? I love bakery style chocolate chip cookies, chewy, chocolaty, not overly sweet.

This tournament is dedicated to finding the best chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I used semi-sweet chocolate chips from the same brand in every recipe, I didn’t want the kind of chocolate to have any influence in the taste.  The same brand of butter was used in every recipe, and all unsalted, even if the recipe called for salted butter.  Small cookies were scooped and I adjusted the time accordingly.

Review the guidelines for every tournament.

Our First Runners-Up Are:

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever by Ridgely’s Radar, identified with a green toothpick.

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies by Dear Crissy, identified with a blue toothpick.

Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies by One Happy Housewife, identified with a red toothpick.

The Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies by Six Sisters Stuff, identified with a yellow toothpick.


Recipe Review

It amazes me how basically the same ingredients in different amounts can provide different results.  Let me provide a little insight for each of these recipes.

Ridgelys Radar cookies were very close to my regular cookie recipe.  There is baking soda and baking powder in the recipe, both leavening agents work in different ways.  The recipe also calls for kosher or sea salt, very different from table salt.  If  you use table salt, reduce the amount you add.

Dear Crissy recipe calls for melted butter and coarse sea salt added at the end of the bake.  I don’t love using melted butter in my cookies because it makes the batter too runny, but I followed the recipe.  Just melt the butter until it is all stir-able and not completely liquid.   Add the sea salt after the bake, and enjoy the touch of salt with all the sweetness of the cookie, don’t skip that step!

Cornstarch is a unique ingredient in the One Happy Housewife recipe.  Flour and cornstarch together makes cake flour, so if you have cake flour on hand you can just add that for this recipe, or follow the ratio recommended in the recipe and add all-purpose and cornstarch together.  This recipe also calls for baking soda and baking powder, I added both.  I did sub the sea salt with table salt though, and reduced the amount a bit.

Melted butter is also requested in the Six Sisters Stuff recipe.  I used the same method of just barely melting, not really liquid, just completely stir-able.  This recipe calls for a whole egg and one egg yolk.  I separated the second egg as directed.

Tools of the trade

Making cookies is even easier when you have the right equipment.

I always bake cookies on quality sheet pans.  This helps create an even bake, it’s not fun when the cookies on one side of the pan are dark and crispy and the other side aren’t finished baking (of course that could be an oven issue too).  Low quality sheet pans can warp in high heat and this makes the food cook unevenly.  

Parchment paper is a must for avoiding dark bottoms on the cookie.  I reuse the same piece of parchment several times on the same sheet.  It also makes a great pressing cloth when ironing clothes, just in case you were wondering. 

I love having a variety of sizes of cookie scoops.  Sometimes I want small cookies so I can make a whole bunch and give them away to the neighbors.  Other times I want to make a few big cookies that I can keep all for myself!  I also use cookie scoops in lots of other ways besides just scooping cookie dough.  The release mechanism can break on cheaper varieties so save yourself some heartache and spend a little extra that will last years longer.

One of the recipes calls for the flour to be weighed.  I love using my kitchen scale to weigh ingredients, it’s way more accurate and that’s how they do it in the big leagues.  I’m also obsessed with The Great British Baking Show and have a few of their cookbooks.  All the measurements in those books are in metric units and my scale can easily switch between imperial and metric units.

Pour a glass of milk, here comes the best chocolate chip cookie

best chocolate chip cookies

I took this round of cookies to the park for a playdate and all the kids loved trying them! They didn’t quite understand the voting process, but the moms did, and all agreed the yellow cookies by Six Sisters Stuff were the softest, chewiest, most flavorful cookie that day.

Check out the other recipes in round 2 and round 3.  See which recipe won best of the best in the final round.  Did you make some of these recipes?  Which was the favorite at your house? Share a picture on social media with #whopinneditbest.  Join me in the kitchen through my emails and get exclusive recipes and first access to the next week’s recipe bracket.

Comment below with your favorite kind of chocolate chip: milk, semi-sweet, dark, or white.  I have one friend who doesn’t like any chocolate chips in her chocolate chip cookies!

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