Best Chicken Salad Season 1 Round 3

Best Chicken Salad Season 1 Round 3

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round 3 chicken salad

In preparation to host a luncheon for my extended family I made these last 4 chicken salad recipes to help determine which salad is the best.  Luncheons at my house are usually preceded by a flurry of cleaning and barely getting a shower before the guests arrive.  Does this sound familiar?  If not, well, I’m glad you are more organized than I am, lol.  

Like I’ve mentioned before, I love that I can make chicken salad before hand and know that the main course is ready to go.  I also like going to my local grocery store first thing in the morning and checking out the day-old bakery items.  Frequently there will be a box of croissants on this rack.  Save money and time, check and check.  So let’s meet the last 4 recipes, and determine which will move on to the finale.

Round 3 Participants

Chicken Salad by Spaceships and Laser Beams was marked with yellow.

Sweetly Savory Chicken Salad by The Cozy Apron was designated with green.


Best-Ever Chicken Salad by How to Feed a Loon was served with a blue designation.

The Best Chicken Salad by Belly Full was marked with red.

Recipe Review

Spaceships and Laser Beams was pretty much a classic chicken salad recipe, with the addition of celery salt.  I loved the celery salt.  The recipe also directs grapes to be quartered. I just halved them, it takes too much time to quarter, but feel free if you have the time.  Fresh cracked pepper is not something I have on hand, use it if you’ve got.

Sweetly Savory Chicken Salad was quite a different recipe, lots of different add-ins.  These add-ins are some of my favorite ingredients on their own, I loved adding them to chicken.  Cashews, dried cherries and tarragon are just a few of the variations.  The recipe also calls for dijon mustard, lemon juice and zest, and cinnamon.  It was a very flavorful salad and quite a departure from the traditional.  Many taste-testers weren’t comfortable with these different additions.  If you want a slightly more traditional recipe stick with grapes and almonds but use the seasonings (tarragon, cinnamon, etc.).  Let me know what you think of this recipe.

How to Feed a Loon’s recipe was fairly traditional.  The recipe provides directions for preparing the chicken.  I followed these directions, and loved how the chicken turned out.  Starting with well-prepared chicken is a big part of having the best chicken salad.  The recipe calls for several fresh herbs, I splurged and bought the fresh to see if it makes a difference.  I enjoyed the fresh, it really lifted the mayo and the overall salad.

 Last but not least is the recipe from Belly Full.  This recipe calls for plain greek yogurt in addition to the mayo.  A few other unique ingredients like dried cranberries, pecans, and a granny smith apple.  The recipe also calls for canned chicken, but I couldn’t use canned, I used some baked chicken that I had previously prepared.  Canned chicken would technically be faster, but because I prepare the chicken before the salad, I don’t really count it as part of the preparation time.

Prep easier with the right equipment

All the chopping for chicken salad makes a good cutting board the highest necessity. I like cutting boards with a groove on the sides and the rubber feet keeps them in place.

A sharp knife also helps with the chopping.  I like having several sizes, a medium french knife for the chicken and small paring knife for the grapes and celery.  

I never realized how much easier it is to chop with sharp knives until my father-in-law bought me this knife sharpener.  It is super simple to use, and I love how much faster and cleaner my cuts are after I have sharpened my knives.  It’s a life-changer!

Moving on to the next round is...

round 3 chicken salad

Spaceships and Laser Beams classic recipe was the favorite chicken salad this round.  The celery salt was a great flavor boost and many of the taste testers just preferred the traditional add-ins.  I’d love to hear what recipe you thought was the best.  Share with other readers on social media and use #whopinneditbest.  Join the email list so you can follow along with all the competitions and always have access to the best recipes.  

Check out round 1 and round 2 winners.  Look forward to the final round and winner of the best chicken salad recipe.

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