Best Chicken Salad Season 1 Round 1

Best Chicken Salad Season 1 Round 1

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Summer time and the livin’ is easy.  Well, I like my cooking to be easy.  Chicken salad is a great option for a quick lunch or dinner.  This dish is so versatile it even makes frequent appearances at showers and parties. 

I meet an aunt and cousin for lunch every Thursday and during the summer we generally meet at one another’s houses so the kids can play outside.  We take turns providing the meal, and I’ve been using the family connection to taste test these best chicken salad recipes.  They were happy guinea pigs, both have said how much they enjoy chicken salad and could eat it every week.  With as easy as chicken salad is to throw together, I might be making it every week, especially with these fantastic recipes.

Review the guidelines for every tournament.

Recipes 1, 2, 3

It was difficult to find 12 different recipes for chicken salad, so I settled on nine.  Even some of the nine are very similar, but not in round 1.

The first recipe was from The Country Cook.  This recipe was known as green.

Daring Gourmet created Best Chicken Salad. Taste testers knew this recipe as red.

Classic Chicken Salad by The Kitchen Wife was designated as blue.


Recipe Review

The Country Cook recipe provided directions on cooking the chicken.  Sour cream was an addition to the mayonnaise.  This recipe was just a classic recipe, no grapes, fruits, or nuts.  There was great flavor in the chicken, the sauce needed a little more flavor.

Daring Gourmet recipe had great seasoning in the sauce, and some direction for preparing the chicken.  There was also sour cream and lemon juice mixed with the mayo.  Grapes and celery complemented the chicken.  It was an easy, tasty recipe to mix together quickly.

The classic chicken salad from The Kitchen Wife was classic, no fruits or nuts.  I enjoyed the addition of pickle relish in the may mixture.  She provided several different ways to prepare the chicken, I used the instant pot.

One thing I learned from preparing all the different chicken salads is the way you prepare the chicken is important.  I stored the instant pot cooked chicken in broth overnight.  The chicken was too moist, it made the sauce very runny.  For the chicken I roasted in the oven I stored it in a bag overnight and the consistency in the sauce was perfect.

Helpful Tools

I love using a meat thermometer when I am cooking chicken.  Chicken has to be fully cooked and the best way to make sure of this is with a quality instant read meat thermometer.  I actually use one in my oven and one that I use after I have pulled it out of the oven.

An electric pressure cooker makes cooking chicken quick and easy.  Just don’t store the chicken in the stock after it is cooked. 

With all the chopping a sharp knife and good cutting board are essential.


Your next picnic brought to you by...

Daring Gourmet recipe was the winner for this round.  The flavor in the sauce won over the taste testers.  I think the addition of the grapes and almonds also helped improve the flavor.  

How do you feel about fruit and nuts in your salad?  These salads were served on croissants, but would also be great on just a bed of lettuce.

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Check out round 2 and 3 and the final round of the best chicken salad.

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