Best Chicken Salad Season 1 Final Round

Best Chicken Salad Season 1 Final Round

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Luncheons, parties, picnics, dinner on a hot summer night, the possibilities are endless.  And I found out there are almost endless add-ins for a variety of flavors.  Prior to this salad showdown I dumped mayo on chopped chicken, grapes and if I was feeling frisky some celery and almonds.  That was my go-to, and satisfied my need for a quick dish.  I’m loving the options I’ve discovered through these taste tests, and can’t wait to share the winner, crowned best chicken salad.

Competition Recap

The winner from Round 1 was Daring Gourmet and the Best Chicken Salad.  This recipe maintained it’s red designation from it’s preliminary round.  The addition of seasonings to the sauce propelled this recipe ahead of its competition.

Round 2 winner was House of Nash Eats, Best Chicken Salad Recipe, maintaining the blue designation from this round.

Spaceships and Laser Beams won round 3 with the Chicken Salad.  This recipe was designated with yellow and maintained that designation.  

I promise I didn’t plan on having each round winner be a different color, in fact, I think this is the first tournament I didn’t have to change colors from a preliminary round to the final round.

Recipe Review

Despite the variety of ingredients for the different salads in the preliminary rounds, the winning recipes were fairly similar.  The Daring Gourmet recipe had the most seasonings, the Spaceships and Laser Beams the least.  I measured the ingredients meticulously and for this final round used fresh or dried as called for in the original recipe.  That is unusual for me, I will typically swap fresh or dried based on whatever I have on hand, and generally don’t notice much difference. 

Some of my good friends came over to help taste test these recipes and the winner was chosen based on a majority, but it was a close race.  Some testers don’t like dill, others didn’t like onion, and that factored into their final vote.  Do you have a preference in your seasonings?  I tend to like a variety of tastes, especially in a classic recipe that I make frequently.


Season 1 Chicken Salad Winner (Envelope please)

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Crowned champion of Best Chicken Salad is The Daring Gourmet.  The winning combination of seasonings (lemon juice, mustard, parsley, dill weed, onion powder, garlic powder, and a touch of sugar) tickled the taste buds for the testers.  If there’s a seasoning you don’t care for, omit it, or reduce it.  I loved the mustard addition, and it just slightly changed the color of the sauce.  It was appealing to the eyes and the tongue.

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