Best Banana Bread Season 1 Round 2

Best Banana Bread Season 1 Round 2

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Can I share a little secret?  I don’t actually like bananas.  Except in banana bread.  I can’t eat bananas plain, and don’t even think about adding a banana to my smoothie.  Bananas don’t belong on the top of cereal or in yogurt.  I used to like banana cream pie, but not for a long time.  The only use for bananas is in banana bread.  Who’s with me?!?  With that being said, let’s get to know the four competitors in this round.

Round 2 Contestants

Approaching from the yellow door is Best Banana Bread by Rasa Malaysia.

Behind the red door is Best Easy Banana Bread by House of Nash Eats.

Joining from the green door is Sour Cream Banana Bread by Shurgary Sweets.

Bursting out of the blue door is Banana Bread with Sour Cream by The Anthony Kitchen.

Contestant (Recipe) Profile

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Rasa Malaysia provides excellent instructions for mixing the banana bread.  Rum and walnuts are optional add-ins for this recipe.  I omitted both.  The recipe also calls for yogurt.  I used plain, greek yogurt.  The bread was moist and the texture was a little tight.

House of Nash Eats calls for cinnamon.  Despite the small addition, it was apparent in the final product.  This was a great recipe and had a lot of banana flavor that compliments the cinnamon (if you like cinnamon).

Shugary Sweets also called for cinnamon.  This was quite a bit more than the previous recipe.  My oldest who loves cinnamon didn’t care for it in this recipe, I guess it’s a seasoning more synonymous with zucchini bread and other fall flavors. This recipe also calls for sour cream.  Note that the ratios are for 2 loaves not just one.  Five bananas might seem like a lot, but not for two loaves.

The Anthony Kitchen recipe also  calls for sour cream, and brown sugar.  I love adding brown sugar in my banana bread because brown sugar adds a hint of caramel that goes well with bananas (okay, that’s another area I like bananas, with my caramel in a banana split).

This Round's Finalist For Best Banana Bread Is...

winning banana bread

House of Nash Eats was the winner this round.  The hint of cinnamon, and the additional bananas provided fantastic flavor with a bread that stayed together without being dry.  The leftovers were frozen and still tasted great when they were defrosted.

What recipe was your favorite?  Do you use fresh (brown) or frozen bananas?  All brown sugar, all white sugar, or a combination?  

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