So many recipes, so little time.  Baking takes a lot of time and fortunately there are thousands of recipes to choose from, but lots of people hate wasting ingredients and time on a bad recipe.  So I’ve set out on a quest to find the best recipes for the foods we love in a showdown of pin vs pin.

author behind who pinned it best

Hi! I’m Anne.  I grew up with great bakers all around me.  I guess you could say baking is in my blood.  Now that I’m a wife and mom I enjoy making yummy foods for my family and friends, and trying different recipes to find the best.  I’ve got an entire shelf in my kitchen cupboards full of recipe books.  But I’m still hunting for the best of the best for some of our go-to meals and treats.

During one late night chat fest with my best friend/hubby we began ranking the foods I make on a scale of 1-10.  Some foods like my lemon blueberry scones got a 9/10, while others like my pancakes only got a 2/10.  My husband loves breakfast foods, so a 2/10 on pancakes just doesn’t cut it.

That’s how this website was born.  I’ve been a pin-a-holic for years but never gave much thought to try pin vs pin to determine the best.  I started searching top pins to compete in a tournament of baking.  Like most tournaments there are a few tears, some meltdowns, a big mess, and lots of fun!

Guidelines for each tournament:

I search pinterest for top performing pins in the given category and choose 12 (or so) pins for that search. Each category completes 3 preliminary rounds, generally there are 4 pins per round, dinner foods there are only 2 or 3 because that’s too much food to cook (and eat) at once. The winner from the preliminary rounds continues to the final round and the winner in that round is crowned best of that category.

The recipes are presented in seasons because there are just too many to try them all at once.  Every six months I revisit the categories that have already been in competition, adding some new categories and skipping some old ones.  

Join the Fun!

I love having you try out the recipes with us.  In social media I share the pins that will be competing in the coming week.  I love seeing what recipes your family loved best! Follow the journey through my weekly emails, share your favorites with #whopinneditbest, and enjoy your time in the kitchen!

Since we all have to eat, it might as well be the best.  Help me decide, who pinned it best?

A little about me…

My husband and I met at college, it was NOT love at first sight! Ha! But then we realized we fight well enough we could be married.  No, we actually began having great conversations after we stopped fighting and realized our hearts belonged together. Aaaahhhh.  We got married just 6 months after we started dating.  We have 3 beautiful kids that make us laugh and cry, like most kids.  We’ve moved around quite a bit, more so when we were first married, and we realized we love the adventure of starting new in a different city, and enjoy seeing all that our new cities have to offer.

I received my B.S. in Psychology, took a year and a half to serve a mission for my church, and returned to receive my M.S. degree in Health Education from Utah State University.  This is also where I received my Mrs. degree, my husband played tennis for USU.  I taught online for over a decade but realized my heart was in baking and helping people enjoy their time in the kitchen.  

Our oldest is a natural born athlete, but would prefer to spend his days playing video games.  He does enjoy many sports, and we try to keep him involved in one sport per season.  I have to tape my mouth shut during football season, but otherwise we love watching him play whatever sport he plays.  He learns very quickly and masters new skills quickly, we are learning that he needs a constant challenge to avoid becoming complacent.

Our middle child has taught us more about patience than I would ever imagine.  He was born with several different medical challenges ranging from some physical to developmental, to learning delays.  We are continuing to search for information about his challenges and services available to help him achieve his greatest capabilities.  He has the greatest capacity to love and the darn cutest smile you’ve ever seen!  Strangers literally light up when they see his smile.   

Our youngest is definitely a princess.  She is wrapped tight around daddy’s little finger.  When she says she wants a kitty, he gets her a kitty (ok, he really wanted one too).  She is intelligent and remembers people and events better than anyone else.  She is also very kind-hearted and sensitive and can make friends with everyone.  She has the greatest laugh, and isn’t shy about using it.  She’s the perfect caboose.

We also have a dog, Kaya, and now a cat…Lucky.  The cat really is named Lucky because there’s just something comically ironic about a black cat being named Lucky.  

We love travelling and boating.  National Parks are some of our favorite places to visit, but we have a tradition to go to a Disney park every December.  Have you ever been to a Disney park for the holiday season?  It’s magnificent!  We do love Disney at other times of the year, but that’s our favorite time to go.  Boating fills most of our summer days.  There are a couple of lakes within 20 minutes so we will frequently head out in the early afternoon for a few hours.  This is great family time away from all electronics and we take turns tubing, wakeboarding, swimming, and surfing.  Some of our favorite family trips involve boating.

My other hobbies include crafting, reading, sewing, and running.  I love being outdoors with my family.